Coco Chanel Unbuttoned, BBC

A House Through Time-A Tale of Two Cities, BBC

Prime Suspect Earth, Bigger Bang

20 Years of the Bahrain Grand Prix

Windrush, BBC

History Hit – Black Death


Fake or Fortune Series 10, BBC

The Real Mo Farah, BBC

The Reckoning (Documentary Interviews), ITV

Histories Greatest Heists, 1Four Productions

Connections-James Burke, Bigger Bang

Ancient Aliens 15

The Real Spies Amongst Friends, Wingspan


Will and Kate, Channel 5

A House Through Time, BBC

Joanna Lumley and the Human Swan, Wingspan productions

Banned! The Mary Whitehouse Story, BBC 2


Voices From Isolation, Gale Force Films

Inside Culture with Mary Beard, BBC

Putin: A Russian Spy Story, Rogan Productions, Channel 4

Born Without a Trace, Wall to Wall


Miscarriage: Our Story, Channel 5

Jackie Stewarts Tyrrell, MSP

Lucy Worsley Royal History’s Biggest Fibs, BBC

X-Ray Earth, Blink Films, Nation Geographic

A House Through Time, Twenty Twenty Productions

Long Lost Family, Wall to Wall 

KPMG drama, Rocking Horse Films

Valkyrie Film, Bigger Bang Productions, Red Bull

History of the Mustang airplane, Razorback Films

Fake or Fortune BBC

Who Do you think you are-Daniel Radcliffe, BBC


Jesus Female Disciples,  BBC

Fake or Fortune, BBC

Ancient Aliens, Prometheus

Red Bull, Valkyrie, Bigger Bang

DNA Mysteries, Wall to Wall Television

Imagine, BBC

Rolex, MSP

The Assads, BBC

Carillion, Quicksilver Media

Bruce Chatwin with Werner Herzog, BBC

Meera Syal, Academy 7 Ltd

Victoria and Albert Wedding with Lucy Worsley, BBC

Queen Victoria Music with Lucy Worsley, BBC

Bahrain International Air Show, Mark Stewart Productions

Rise of the Rocket, Bigger Bang

Plastic’s, Keo Films


Art, Passion and Power, with Andrew Graham Dixon, BBC

Lucy Worsley’s Night at the Opera, BBC

Three Books that Changed a Nation, with Janina Ramirez, BBC

Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain, BBC

Lucy Worsley: Elizabeth 1’s Battle for Gods Music, Matchlight Productions, BBC

Saving the British Bulldog, with Catherine Tate, BBC

Jesus’s Female Disciples, Minerva Productions, Ch4

Ancient Aliens Series 9, Prometheus Entertainment

Faberge, Mark Stewart Productions

Fake or Fortune, BBC


Genius of the Modern World, Nietzsche, with Bethany Hughes, BBC

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley, Wall to Wall Television, BBC

Fake or Fortune, BBC

Lucy Worsley’s Jane Austen Behind Closed Doors, BBC

100 Years of the Windsor’s, Spun Gold TV

William Blake, Caravan Media

Time shift, Weapons of war, BBC

The Day the Dinosaurs Died, Barcroft Productions, BBC

Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand, BBC


Worlds Oddest Animal Couples II, Oxford Scientific Films

Fake or Fortune, BBC

Plus Size, Blast Films

Jonny Wore Black music video, Norcon Film Production

Ancient Aliens Series 8, Prometheus Productions

A Very British Romance, with Lucy Worsley, BBC

The Unsung Hero of Apollo, Mission Control Productions for Netflix

Genius by Stephen Hawking, Bigger Bang Productions, for PBS

 Grand Design House of the year, Boundless Productions

Empire of the Tsars, with Lucy Worsley, BBC

Being the Brontes, BBC

Bahrain Air show, Mark Stewart Productions


A Night At Hampton Court – with Lucy Worsley, BBC

A Plant Odyssey – Carol Klein, BBC

Samsung Galaxy Commercial – Campervan and Capoeira

The Worlds War – David Olusoga, BBC

South Bank Show – John Lloyd

Life of Pope Francis, BBC

Russias Lost Princesses, BBC

Attenborough’s Frogs, BBC

Culture Show Special -Tate Britain, BBC

Sikh Treasures, BBC

Ancient Aliens

The Great Music Amnesty – with James Rhodes

Holocaust, BBC


Castles, Secrets and Legends

Metropolis – Paris and Rome

Nicky Campbell’s Great American Song Book


Mark Lawson Talks to – Julian Barnes, BBC

Georgian Revolution – with Lucy Worsley, BBC

Who Do You Think You Are – Minnie Driver, Channel 4

Fake or Fortune, BBC

Britain’s Great War – Jeremy Paxman, BBC

Radical Lives – Melvin Bragg, Sky

Soldier Poets of the Somme, BBC

Imagine – Richard Rogers, BBC

Secrets of the Bible

Time Team Special – Battle Abbey


Dead Boss, BBC Drama

The Secrets of Stonehenge, Channel 4

Not Going Out, BBC Drama

Black Car Home, Short Drama

You’ll Regret it, Short Drama

The Secret History of Our Streets- Camberwell Grove, Channel 4


Mrs Dickens family Christmas (with Sue Perkins), BBC

When in Rome, Lion TV for BBC

The Story of ENSA, BBC

The Essential Baby Care guide (with Robert Winston)

Mark Kennedy , Century Films for C4

The Worlds most Dangerous roads, Peru

(with Ben Fogle and Hugh Denis), Renegade for BBC

How to go Fast and Influence people, Gordon Murray’s F1 story



Super Snake,

The Age of the Regency (with Lucy Worsley), BBC

Faberge, MSP

Do We Really need the Moon, BBC

Attenboroughs Egg, Madagascar, BBC

Oz and Hugh. A Drink to Britain, RDF for BBC

Love at First Sight (Short film with John Hurt), Michael Davies Prod.

Newman. Saint or Sinner(with Ann Widdecombe), BBC

Romancing the Stone (with Alastair Sooke), BBC

Portrait of an Artist (with Laura Cummings), BBC

Mark Lawson Interviews:

Timothy Spall, Julie Walters, Gilbert and George, BBC


Modern Master-Matisse, IWC Media, HD

Gustav Mahler-Keeping Score, INCA Productions, HD

Beautiful Mind-Tim Hunt, BBC, HD

Beautiful Mind-Jocelyn Bell Burnell, BBC, HD

History of Now-The Noughties, BBC, DV

Museum of Life, BBC, HD

Wonderland-Adult Swimmers, BBC, HD

Bahrain Air Show, Mark Stuart Productions, HD

Catalan Corruption, Pop Promo, HD

Sport Relief, BBC, DV

Golden Age of Liners, BBC, DV

My Life in Verse-Malorie Blackman, Wall to Wall TV, HD

Debutantes, Minnow Films, Digi Beta

Another Night, Zaira Brilhante, Red One


Charles Darwin-The Tree of Life, with David Attenborough, BBC, HD

Blue Peter-Me and My Movie, BBC, Digi Beta

Secret Millionaire-Dundee, Radar Productions, BBC, DV

What Does Virgin Mean, Michael Davies, HD

Show Me Show Me, Red Bee, HD

Comic Relief, BBC, DV

Tribute to Bill Cotton, BBC, DV

Gingerbread appeal film, BBC, DV

Gok Wan, Firefly films, DV

The Science of Sex, Multi-chrome, Red

Lifeline-Refugee Council, BBC, DV

Angels and Demons Decoded, Prometheus Pictures, HD

Medical Frontiers – Robert Winston, Dangerous Films, HD

Oz and James Drink to Britain, RDF Television, DV

Blue Peter-Drama Shoot, BBC, Digi Beta

History of Climate Change, BBC, Digi Beta

Italy’s Mystery Mummies, New pony Productions-Nat Geo, HD


What Does Virgin Mean, Short Film for Michael Davies, HD

Dmitri Shostakovich, Inca Productions HD

Toyota Formula 1, Mark Stewart Productions

Ways to Save the Planet, Impossible Pictures, HD

Bingo Lotto Commercial, Red Bee Media, HD

Lang Lang, South Bank Show, HD

Time Shift (Rise and Fall of the Add Man), BBC Bristol, DV

Gloryland, BBC Bristol, DV

Dragons Den Promo, Red Bee Media, HD

Norfolk Rhapsody, BBC Bristol, HD

6 Degrees, National Geographic Television, HD

Hector Berlioz, Inca Productions, HD

Time Shift (FA Cup Final), BBC Bristol, DV

Robinsons Fruit Shoots, Red Bee Media, HD

Zaha Hadid, South Bank Show, Digi


Nature of Britain, BBC NHU, HD

BBC America Promo, Red Bee Media, HD

Channel 4 Farm, Lion Television, Digi

Wild Adventures (Battle Scarred), Tigress Productions, HD

BBC News, Red Bee Media, HD

Drug Trials, Dispatches Digi

Wild Summer, BBC NHU, DV

Bill Bryson, South Bank Show, Digi

Graham Hill, Mark Stewart Productions HD

Universe, Inca Productions, HD

University of Lincoln Commercial, HD

7 Ages of Rock, BBC

The One Show – Wildlife Inserts with presenter Kate Humble, BBC, Digi

Shell Oil- corporate filming in Russia and China, Digi Beta

12 Books that Changed the World, ITV, Digi


Francis Drake, Michael Davis, Digi Beta

Isaac Newton, Michael Davies

Pay off your Mortgage, BBC, Digibeta

Austin Stevens: Snake Hunter, Tigress, Dir: Michael Davies, HD

History of Drawing, Oxford Film and Television, Digibeta, Dir: Diana Hill


History of Magic, BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Johnny Young

South Bank Show: Ronnie Wood, Digibeta, Dir: Daniel Wils

If, BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Ursuala McFarlane

Science of Compatibility, Blast, Digibeta, Dir: Kate Moore

Britain Goes Wild Title sequence, 4:4:2, Digibeta, Dir: Lou Donal

Project Ribbon, ZCZ, Digibeta, Dir: Catherine Ellis


Human Brain. BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Diana Hill

Magic Bullet, BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Natasha Bondy

Tabloid Tales, Brighter Pictures, Dir: Ian Riddick, Digibeta

Life of Grime, BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Isabel Pritchard

Lifers, Thames TV, Dir: Rex Bloomstein, Digibeta

Jamie’s Wish, October Films, Dir: Lisle Evans

Tropical Diseases, BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Jeremy Turner

The Welsh Great Escape, Hartswood, Digibeta, Dir: Michael Davies

Samuel Pepys, BBC, Digibeta, Dir: Tuppence Stone

Child of Out Time, BBC, Dir: Diana Lord, Digibeta

Natural History of Britain, BBC NHU, Dir: Chris Cole, Digibeta

Sean Connery, ITN Factual, Digibeta, Dir: Christopher Bruce

D-Day, Dangerous Films, Digibeta, Dir: Richard Dale

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